1 Feb 2013

Cupid Nailart

Tis the season of love and even though I am a bitter old hag, to let the love fest pass without doing something, anything would be terrible. Because of course I really do believe in love.  An old fashioned kind of love I think now
The kind of love that can make you forget your inhibitions, worries and fears. Love that is reflected back at you with commitment, loyalty and desire. May you find that love if you want it and if you already have, hold tightly onto it.

Cupid Nailart


  1. Lovely! This post was like Rolf Harris nail art, can you tell what it is yet?
    I would never attempt drawing anything this fiddly, it looks great x x x

    1. aw, but I tried to show how easy it is! I'll have to work on my tutorial skills xx

  2. Beautiful as always...Red xx


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