13 Jan 2013

Winter Nailart

manicure in black and white of a winter scene
Do you feel like winter should end on Boxing Day?
Honestly there is no fun in snow and cold without the prospect of Christmas Day at the end of it. I remember last years silly snow flurries as wet and cold feet all day, slipping around in Ugg boots and far too many Costa hot chocolates.
We have another 2 months of snow threat in front of us, and that is not fun, so I did this to my nails in an effort to make peace with the season.
Hope your winter is going well. Wrap up, drink hot drinks, sleep well and stay safe.
I'm going back to my snuggly bed.


  1. These are cute! Loving the lil cosy house, i think it must be where the John Lewis snowman lives x x x

  2. I wanted to try out my new nail brushes more than anything. No more splintery toothpicks for me! Thanks for looking x

  3. Ohh I adore this! So so cute! I'd love this with a smidge of Valentine's Day tied in!

    Thanks bunches for visiting my blog! :)



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