15 Jan 2013

Willowpool Garden Centre

old trellis and tea rooms

I am drawn to chandeliers. I seem to have an innate talent for sniffing them out. I love the Hollister shop in The Trafford Centre just because of its gorgeous mass of droplets and sparkle outside.
I love Willowpool Garden Centre and tea rooms.
There's not much in the way of compost and buddleias, but there is an abundance of garden adornments. I always feel like I'm stepping into a garden party after its been abandoned by rained on revellers. I thoroughly expect Alice to dash past, all in a tizzy, hotly pursued by Mad Hatters and a cross rabbit with a pocket watch.
It's just up the road from where I live, maybe half an hours car journey through some lovely Cheshire villages.
The tearooms are why we go, but there are also lovely rug shops and jewelry boutiques and a record dealer too.
Delicious tea things like cakes and sandwiches and tea served in proper pots and cups on saucers.
Sadly, their website is unavailable at  the moment, so no link. Boo. But if you're looking for a fairytale afternoon surrounded by decaying trellis and old Fairground signs and illuminations, head to Willowpool.

Willowpool Garden Centre
Burford Lane
WA13 0SH
01925 757827

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