14 Jan 2013

Paisley Nailart

nail products used to create paisley nailart

 I was in love with a turquoise paisley shirt when I was a teenager. ALL my crushes wore them, Morrissey, indie lead singers with their floppy fringes and chelsea boots. I've never really got my head round what makes up a paisley pattern though. I am patient and willing to waste a ridiculous amount of time getting something right however, so this is my paisley manicure, and some tips for you if you want to give it a go

  • Google images is your friend. Save a stock photo and blow it up so it fills your screen
  • Pick out shapes you recognise. The most complex pattern can be split into familiar shapes.
  • Paisley is teardrops, with polkadots attached to all sides. 
  • The rest is up to you
I already had the nail polishes handy after my top ten post linky here if you want to see it and just needed to grab a white. I had tried it in browns too but they were too harsh for the look I wanted. I used a tiny dotter for it all the design in the end. I swore no more toothpicks and got a snazzy cheap set of nailart brushes, but even the thinnest striper was too thick for the intricate work.
I could have used acrilic paint but can you believe I'm out of top coat?
I am suitably ashamed.
I'm rather pleased to have cracked paisley.
Next on my mission list is houndstooth.
What are your challenges? What is the one design you've never got on with? Are you just starting out and live for tutorials or have you any good tips you found worked?
Let me know below!

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