21 Jan 2013

Winter Has Landed

Winter foliage with quote
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The longer us human beans are 'around', the further away we get from nature.

I feel as if I've spent the weekend on a snowy farm in out of state New York, or sled down Finnish slopes.
I've not moved from this pc, going through blog after blog after blog. Borrowing thoughts and ideas and images mentally, to give me something beautiful to focus on rather than worry about birthdays and money and school bags that are broken.

Apparently, Autumn is the time of the year when human beans get their rewards for looking after the land and everything upon it. Before all the spice trails and trade winds and world conquering, you grew stuff, gathered in the market, and people swapped or bought the stuff they couldn't grow. I never claimed to be an academic, so forgive the simplistic adn quite possibly, nonsensical description.

Since telly was invented, we've started thinking of Christmas as being our 'treat' time. Presents, specifically mass manufactured electronic, or heavily marketed presents are the new fruits and berries and wheat. Our harvest is in the plasticized sacks under plasticized trees.
I want to shake the 14 year old out of his current lethargy. I didn't get him an I-pad for Christmas, the grant went unclaimed. It seemed frivolous, and I was maybe a little jealous too.
He seems to be surviving.

We are snow-bound in Wythenshawe. It has been this way for one morning. I am bored with it already.
Speeding on to Summer days with no central heating, time to loll in the sun, walk in grass. Seasons seem to be more enhanced by the people you're with than the degree fo the elements that make it. I miss my best friend up in real snow North Yorkshire. I miss her stupid chocolate lab, who has gone from the cheekiest funniest baby to a grey bearded old man, who cant go skidding face first along the snow covered ground any more.
I miss the night sky there, huge and blue black.

That's the thing with time. One minute there's too much, then suddenly there's not enough.

Keep warm x


  1. Well said! I never thought of christmas that way before, but as soon as you said it i knew you were exactly right! I miss my friendlies too x x x

    1. Thank you for reading!It's either 2013s earliest Christmas post or 2012s latest xx


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