14 Mar 2011

Pleased To Meet You

My first memories of being a child in the seventies are of CRAVING my grandmothers orange beaded drop earrings..
I think I wanted to put them in my mouth. 
Then I remember rubbing Atrixo face cream in circular motions for HOURS at a time in the privacy of the kitchen downstairs. 
Years later, waiting for my Dad to finish prepping his set (he was a nightclub dj), the girls at his clubs would sit with me, and I was transfixed by their glossy lips, high lights, glitter eye shadows and shiny clothes
Still now, the way I remember the seventies is shaped by boob tubes, lurex, glitter and perfume.
As a teenager, I would adopt the personalities and costumes of whoever I hung out with, Ray Bans, checker inlaid jacket, doc Martens  for the indie crowd, lycra Top Shop mini dress, thigh high boots for the rock crowd, suits for Mum, and the make up to match each outfit.
I have a life long passion for clothes, makeup, accessories and perfume.
I have no daughter to pass on the experiences I've had or the things I've seen and loved, or tried and hated, so I choose to share these things here. 
As well as a normal blog about the ups and downs of a single mum to two boys, one grown up, one in high school and with autism and quite special needs. 
There are so many more things to think, rave or rant about than shopping and beauty. But we can only handle so much at a time.

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