24 Apr 2012

Blogging With Tears In Your Eyes

I am slowly working through The Bloggess archives and am truly inspired by
 This Post From Christmas 2010
This is people, encouraged by one woman to be people at their absolute best.
It's hard as a blogger or writer of any medium, when you stick your head above the trenches and are either ignored or shot down.
 It's actually insanity to continue regardless.
But absolute fucking rock stars like this one make it easier to not give a shit.
Just keep writing.
I don't write my little blog so I can get schmoozed at by L'Oreal, no judgement or sent free stuff. I write because I have to. It's in me. Like drawing and chocolate.
I don't write for a demographics taste.
How boring would that be?
My post with the most traffic was a review for a spa, and who can afford to do that every week?
I'm not Joan Collins.
I'm a single Mum from Manchester with 2 boys. One has Aspergers and one is grown up. I was married to a soldier (their Dad) and that didn't work out. I've got things to say, that often I can't say because that would open up a lot of serious shit, and no-one needs that.
So I talk about nail polish and mascara, loving what you've got and the little things that get me through the day when I'm not dealing with the Disability Living Allowance people and the tax credits and the Headteachers. And I realise how lucky I am, because I have these gorgeous physically healthy kids, and a roof over my head and a family that love me and a platform like this to get the madness out of my head onto. Thats a hell of a lot more than some people, me included in the past.
And that makes me not give a flying duck about my stats. If you're inspired by anything I have to say, or just want a reason to navigate away from this page then click here and be good people

"Give and Makeup is a non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of these women and children who need them the most"

Give and Makeup


  1. Haven't read the other blog yet, but wanted to say you are SO right! Blogging is an escape from day to day and a reminder what we think matters. Keep blogging! ((hugs)) 


  2. She'll change your life. Seriously. As a blogger, she's at the top of the game, but totally hasn't used a formula. No tricks. Just from the heart, and there are a million articles out there by SEO's and so called experts, but what matters is your truth. Tell the truth, and people will come, because you're saying what they can't. And she hsa the most amazing fan base, mostly bloggers who tell the truth too. Love her. I just hope more people use Give and MakeUp though too x


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