24 Apr 2012

10 Internet Tips For Beauty Bloggers

 My oldest son at 13 could practically type out a whole paragraph with two hot keys. 
 I want to say 'show me how you did that' but frankly the look of disdain on his face puts me off and he is quite good at running errands and stuff so I 've learnt to pick my battles. 
I learned some things when I worked at O2 where you had to be quick and accurate with peoples bank details and Iphone orders and I learned the rest from going out with portly IT chaps (my favourite) and the rest I nicked off the Internet Help pages. 
And I gathered them all here on my lovely beauty blog (natch) in one easy to find or avoid place. 
Since blogging, I've found I really needed to raise my game with my computer literacy, I've lost far too many posts by pressing the wrong button at the wrong time. 
So I hope this helps out anyone like me who was born when typewriters were pretty machines with ribbons. Enjoy. Feel free to add to the list.
  1. If you're filling in a form and have to refer to another tab, for instance filling in an application form or a CV, pressing ALT then TAB will flick among those tabs for you so you can copy and paste (see No.3 for extra quick tip)and you won't lose your place in the original form.
  2. The space bar will take you down in order of boxes to fill in. Really good if you are holding a phone or burrito with your left hand and can't reach the tab button. Also much easier to bash a space bar with an elbow or nose.
  3. Instead of right clicking and scrolling down to copy or cut, after highlighting, just press CTRL, hold it down and tap the X (cut) or C (copy) or V (paste) Have faith, it works. Pressing A will select EVERYTHING so be careful 
  4. If you have lost your cursor, in some sheets, this is a glitch, pressing the HOME button on its own will take you to the beginning of the sentence you're typing. This is in the little gang of six buttons to the upper right of your main keys. It lives with Insert, Page Up, Delete, End and Page down.
  5. Really good for copying web addresses is pressing SHIFT and END. Just put your little cursor at the beginning of a URL and do the SHIFT/END thing and it will highlight it all.
  6. CTRL and right or CTRL and left arrow moves one word to the right or one word to the left each time! Handy!
  7. Highlighting a whole passage and deleting it is easily fixed by going up to EDIT and UNDO just like in paint.
  8. If you press back and have lost a passage, ALT and the right arrow should restore it. You'll still have palpitations, but at least it takes your mind off it for a second.
  9. If your pc is old, and changes arent showing on the screen when you edit profiles, blogs etc, press F5 on the top row.
  10. When you need to print whole screen for copying to Paint (really good for blogging and tickets and banking mistakes) press ALT and Print Screen.

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