22 Apr 2012

Face And Nail of the Night

After a week of neon I just needed something classic and groomed. Rimmel Heart On Fire

But because I'm me THIS happened. Barry M Shocking Pink and salvaged gems from bottom of nail polish case
Because it was a birthday bash (not with Choccywoccydoodah cake and hats...but an 'event' birthday) and everyone had seen me in everything I own, I planned on wearing my Monsoon purple silk dress for tonight. I really loathe purple. 
I was fine before Gogol Bordello.
 I'm very anti-movement. When I want to be. 
And if the movement is telling me to wear purple. 
My great grandma told me it was bad luck, or was that not answering the door to gypsies and certainly not asking how much? and then paying it when you're told. £4 for a pebble? Bargain. 
Anyhow, purple it was. It was also short sleeved, low necked and knee length. 
So fake tanning had to be done. 
And a fresh manicure. 
A quick Facebook/Twitter poll showed me that gold and black should be the nail look of the night. So of course I promptly applied hot pink and a diamante accent nail (but not before catching the lid of the diamante wheel and watching 100 gems slither away into the depths of my nail polish case)
The face was hard work. I don't think this was because I was drinking cheap Rose simultaneously at all. 
Because I fake tanned, I had to use my darkest foundation. 
Because my darkest foundation is Rimmel, it was sticky and because I was pissed a little weary, of course I decided only the darkest smoky eye would do. 
And naturally the foundation took every nanscopic microdot of fallen pigment destined for my eyes and spread it all over my cheeks and nose. 
I just got back in today and am not looking forward to cleaning up the mess. Post your Friday night faces and nails!

I ended up going out in a brown chiffon pleated number because the back fat got too much to cope with. So I'm the girl with the weird hot pink nail and the brown dress. Which is always nice.

Actually very nice shimmery fake tan. For when you want to look shimmery and tan.
I don't even know why I took this photo, but if anyone needs a visual of someone losing the will to live or bad foundations happening to good people, look no further. The eyebrows are also a little concerning.
This is Collection 2000 Pop pallette (black) and Estee Lauder silver in inner corner. Avon Supershock eyeliner in black, and Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. And not knowing when to stop. Thats important.
Somehow it all came together in the end. Nude No 7 lip liner and a little Barbara Daly Tesco lipgloss.
The aftermath Part 1. Removing.
The Aftermath Part 2. Coming home. Sober


  1. You always look fabulous when we go out. I get wel jel. Redhead x


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