23 Apr 2012

I Ignored My Own Advice

So in between confusing Her Majesties Revenue and Customs Employees, and eating cheese toasties, I am going to attempt to install an email me button
I cleverly deleted Paint from my pc, and I find Serif Draw Plus, frankly obstructive. 
For all you Mac users, this is why I'm not to be trusted with a Mac. 
I was searching for email buttons, and came across  where they're keeping all the good stuff on the internet
Its owner is a lovely lady called Cathe, like Cathy but spelled Cathe. 
She takes these lovely things from her brain and puts them on the internet for idiots like me to use! 
I have thanked her (possibly a little too much...she may be drawing up restraining orders against me right now) and said I would link back. 
So I am. 
So email me! 
But not spam bots. 
You can go to hell.


I did it! It was easy. If you're in a bit of a spot about adding links with pictures just do this>
click on design, choose add a gadget
choose picture
choose picture file from your pics or url
add 'mailto:' and then your email
choose save

And you're done.

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