13 Jul 2012

American Apparel Neon Nail Varnish

Serves me right for stepping into a shop 20 years older than their demographic. I was excited to get this neon yellow. A real Bobby Dazzler in the bottle. Seven pounds is a bit steep but the bottle is massive and its a pretty cool colour. Actually, it's over priced rubbish.
In fairness I was decorating the day I wore this, but I always wear latex gloves, and it was emulsion I was spreading on the walls.
Not dark matter.
Whatever, it ate my heart.

American Apparel


  1. They really are neon!! Soooo bright xxx

  2. There is a very good colour range actually. Really bright and directional. A lovely nude. Just not impressed with finish or quality. I will make it work. Maybe a solid base and lots of top coat

  3. I think thats shocking! Definitely stretching the definition of nail laquer, and it wasnt cheap either, i dont lnow how some companies get away with things sometimes! *end of rant* Thanks for the heads up! X

  4. Style over substance, and I totally got what I deserved in this case. Thanks for the comment, and by default, reading x


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