11 Jul 2012

Daniel Tosh and Other Unfunny Jokes

Last night was a strange place on Twitter.
Earlier in the day people had been commenting on a Tumblr post from the friend of a girl who ended up going to see one act, and then Daniel Tosh turned up onstage. She objected to a rape joke, and he retaliated with a suggestion she get raped by five guys there and then. She left. Understandably.
As I said in my last post about rape and in particular, the porn age, when sex and mysogyny is allowed to be so unintelligently part of the everyday vernacular, idiots like this are going to use it in their acts.
His defence on Twitter seemed to be 'she heckled me, I shut her up'
Any comedy club will tell you, before the act, and at the time of booking, 'please stay silent during the act'
Heckling of any sort is forbidden. Of course, booze and a lively atmosphere mean this gets ignored, and often bouncers will step in where a comedian has a timed act or the heckler is spoiling other peoples night. Heckling is not what happened here. She expressed 6 words.
Actually. Rape. Jokes. Are. Never. Funny.
Maybe she should have voted with her feet and left. I would have waited for him after the show and asked him why he felt serious sexual crime against women was something to laugh at. I would have told him awful stories about a few of the people I know who have survived, and some who took their own lives after surviving it. I would have lectured and debated and made the little shit really bored and regret his entire existence. She's not me, and he's not a rape survivor, therefore his 'bad things happen, we can joke about them' and his even more unfunny 'dead babies' hashtag statement is redundant and unearned.
It made me really question having a Twitter account to be honest. What am I saying to the world? I get so wrapped up in my own friends and little bloggy bubble, I forget anyone can read what (there really is no point in a twitter if youre going to lock it) I tweet.
It also showed me how many truly ignorant people have access to the internet. I thought with some things, a level of cerebral competence was required. Its hard to remember passwords and shit. Somehow, low functioning plankton can get on the web now and use it to support this fool with 'should have raped her' or ''bet she was too ugly to rape. Things like that.
I believe Mr Tosh to be an extremely conflicted little man. I believe he has sociopath tendencies which his career allows him to exploit. I believe he appeals to a sector of society which may have the same issues. I believe he has a strong following that could be utilized to make a change for good in this world. I believe he would rather take the money and run. He got 100,000 new followers as a result of fridays outrage, so I'm sure he believes he is in the moral majority.
Welcome to the future.

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