7 May 2012

Nail Polish Tag

I saw this on Imagination In Colours Fabulous Blog and have been DYING to do it. 
So I'm on a roll today and thought I would. I tag everyone to do it too

Favourite Nail Polish Company?

Illamasqa and Chanel for innovation, but strangely not quality (Chanel is notoriously streaky) I have more No7 in my collection than any other brand, but I was a No7 consultant. Now I'm paying full price I'm favouring W7 from the beauty supply store

Glitter or No Glitter?

Oh, glitter. Pots of it. Gradient, top coat, speckles, hex, holo. Love it. Not every day, because of the removal but most days.I'm working on a resin effect with jellies and glitter at the moment!

OPI, China Glaze Or Essie?

Neither, over priced, over rated. If I go for a manicure, I want the most expensive varnishes, but at home, I don't see the point.

When Do You Change Polish?

Ridiculously fickle, I change it up to once or twice a day. 

Favourite Colour?

I like to experiment so I would have to say the latest trend is always my favourite. If I'm feeling grown up it has to be a dark dark red. If I'm doing a look, say rockabilly, a bright red, and for everyday, various shades of beige, pink and creams. 

Darks Or Brights?

Both. Darks when nails are in good condition and fashionably square. Brights suit my nails when they're covering the tip of my finger

What Are You Wearing On Your Nails Right Now?

One hand is different colours on each for a review, other hand is bare, but conditioned for a manicure. 

Matte..In or Out?

Ooh..IN! Especially on sugared almond shades and am also playing with it on top of metallics. Can be sensational

French Manicure?

Oh, depends what mood I'm in. Used to be my go to look for work, so I havent really done it since then. Can look a bit naff tbh...a little 'trying too hard'

Favourite Summer Colours?

Oh, neon is beautiful. A pale pink with a matte tc for an event, nailart for festivals. Anything goes. Have fun!


  1. First of all thank you so much for linking my blog, aren't you lovely!! <3 Secondly I loved this post, especially 'favourite brands' I am always interested to see. I hear so many good things about W7 but can't get it here, I've only tried the one glitter so I'll have to hit up eBay! Illamasqua is fab too but a little pricey for me, so that rules out Chanel for me too, haha, but they do do some amazing polishes. I'm glad I'm not the only one changing my nail polish so frequently :) I agree that OPI particularly are hugely overpriced for what they are. I asked them on Twitter why they are £11 in the UK and they stated that their polish is of high quality and one of the only brands to market a 15ml bottle. Other than so many other brands. But I won't go into that as I don't want to spam your comments with an essay! I love reading these as it always makes me inspired to try new things (totally inspired by the sugared almonds matte nails, what an awesome idea!) Going to browse the rest of your blog now :) sorry for the lengthy waffley comment! xxxx

  2. I LOVE waffly comments, I'm a bit of a lengthy commenter myself! W7 is £1.50 a bottle here, so if you want to do a swap ever, let me know. Its the same bottle size (same bottle actually) as China Glaze, and I love it. Isn't Twitter great? I'm all over that...try not to follow too many brands though as I get a bit 'consumer fatigued' I mainly follow other bloggers as they are far more interesting. Really good tag. I should have added a question or two, but I will save that for another blog post on another day. Thankyou for replying and visiting my little blog, have a good day x


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